Consult your Checklist for expected daily work.
Guidelines for Shelving Fiction (check this link)

Check the cart for books in your section to shelve. Check daily. Straighten and keep dusted.

Pull books to the front edge of the shelves. Be sure spine labels are in good order.

Different authors may have the same last name. Keep all books by the same author together.


Exhibit professionalism and good etiquette at all times.

Work daily to straighten and organize your assigned areas. Clean or dust as needed.

Refer to your **Daily Checklist for Media Assistants**to determine your priorities:

1. Library work, shelving.

Perform general media tasks such as circulation, cataloging, processing, weeding, and housekeeping.

2. Assigned work (wiki work) and Journals (including material review, book annotations, updates for web pages and reflections on assignments.)

3. Work for other classes, free reading AFTER LIBRARY WORK IS FINISHED.


You will lose points on your daily grade if you do not keep your shelves in order.

A separate weekly grade will be taken for shelving.

Point System:
Books not straight, pulled to the edge of shelf - minus (-)10 pointsReference books mixed in -10 points"Stray books" -10 pointsOut of Dewey order (or fiction by author) -10 points EACH

Dust, move all books to the front of the shelf and stand them up straight. Books that are too tall should be placed with the spine facing up.
Then begin to put them in correct order. You may use your laptop or Chromebook to access the catalog if you want to check yourself.
Reference books belong on the bottom shelves, except Reference 800's (shelves on the back wall at the end of the row of desktop computers ) and 900's (on the back side of 900's, opposite the desktop computers).
Assistants perform routine circulation desk tasks, assist students with locating materials using the Destiny Catalog, shelve books, and help with light cleaning.

General information about assignments is above. Please do not feel you have to know everything right away. Over time you will grow to be comfortable with our school library operations and services. Straighten shelves, check that books are in exact order, and dust as time permits. Other tasks may be offered on an as needed basis.

Shelving Guidelines - Take Your Time!

It is imperative to shelve items correctly. When shelving, scan the shelf for misfiled books and put the shelf in order. If a book is in the wrong place, it's as good as lost! Ask for help if you are not sure where something goes.
Shelving guidelinesPage 2. Dewey Decimal Chart. //The Caveman's Guide to the Dewey Decimal System//. (Thank you Mount Erie Elementary, Anacortes, Washington!)

The Circulation Desk: Where ACCURACY Is More Important than SPEDE

Check in or renew all items before checking out new materials.

Watch the screen during the transaction for accuracy and messages.

Student materials are given a three-week due date - use the black ink pad and stamp (check before you stamp.)

Teachers may check out an unlimited number of items for an unlimited period.

Video materials are for staff use only.

Be sure all students sign in at the Front Desk or the Help Desk.

If a teacher sends a group in to print, YOU write down that teacher's name and the number of students on the sign-in Chromebook.

Other Responsibilities

Be present in the moment ... "be here, now." If there is no action at the circulation desk and all the books are shelved, then it's time to straighten, organize, and clean. Straightening means to make sure the books are lined up at the front edge of the shelf for an overall neater appearance. Organizing means to make sure each book is shelved exactly by it's call number.Cleaning means to dust the shelves, even behind the books. Dusting is not any more fun here than it is at home, but it is an important task. Ask for supplies.

But Wait, There's More!

Do not use your ear buds except when you are listening to an assignment for THIS class.
Please respect privacy and student confidentiality.
A daily organizing chart may be posted so all areas will benefit from this service.


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NONFICTION - Do the range all the way down the shelf to the reference books

001 - 331.9 Kelvin
332 - 612 2nd pd.613 - 799 3rd pd.800's, 900's & reference shelves 4th pd.

000's 4 (2 reference shelves 001-299)
100's 5 600's 21
200's 4 700's 19
300's 29 800's 11
400's 1 900's 21 & Reference
500's 11 (includes reference)

Series, New, & 4 sided shelf

1st Period

2nd Period


3rd Period


4th Period

1st Period
Destiney F A - F CAS 001.4 - 320.47
Harlee F CAS - DON 320.5 - 495.1

2nd Period

Ashley DOP - HAW 810.8 - 930.1
Sarah HAY - LIV 930 - 900's REF

4th Period

Claudia LO - PUL 500 - 613.81
Savannah TAY - ZHA and series 613.9 - 741.5
Tanner QAM - TAY 741.6 - 810.9


Series, New Books, Books on Display, and shelve as needed when others are absent.
800's, 900's & reference 800's & 900's