Daily Checklist for Assistants

No gum, drinks, or snacks. On time. Good work attitude. No “playing” on the computers. No earbuds except for assignments. (20 pts.)

Stayed in assigned area and did the assigned work, or moved where needed without prompting. Did not leave the Circ. Desk/front of Media Center unattended. (15 pts.)

Worked quietly. No visitors.No excessive talking or visiting. (15 pts.)

Made sure all students signed in (Circulation, Help Desk), reported irregularities. Kept fine/fee sheets accurate. (10 pts.)

Straightened assigned area/reported irregularities immediately at the beginning of the period. (15 pts.)

Cleaned, straightened (including chairs), shelved, filed as needed. Shelf read in assigned area. (10 pts.)

Left assigned area in good order/reported problems in completion of work. Stayed in assigned area until dismissed by the bell. (15 pts.)

Any deliberate action which causes the disruption of the smooth operation of the Media Center is grounds for a failing grade for the nine weeks.