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Where to Find Video Clips
**Kaizena** - Give your students fast feedback directly on their work with voice comments.
  • **Pixton** - Create comics by clicking and dragging pictures around.
  • **Storybird** - Put together picture books that you can sell digitally or in print.
  • **TikaTok** - Or use this digital and print book creator from Pearson.
  • **Adobe Spark** - Craft visual multimedia stories of images, text, and videos.

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Adobe Spark
Stack Up FTfT
21st Century Book Reports

Storybird - due 12/2

  • Look at the AHS collection of picture books (Mrs. Shinn's office) and/or Mrs. Holland's collection.
  • You are going to create a picture book. What kind of book will it be?
  • We will be using Storybird. Watch the tutorials to learn how to make Storybirds, then browse the site to pick the art you want to use.

Storybird - Storybird: A Simple Guide for Teachers and Students

storybird.com/books/storybird-a-simple-guide-for-teachers-and-students/Storybird TutorialStorybird Tutorial 2
Tutorial 3

Student Exampleshttp://storybird.com/books/when-a-rabbit-falls-in-love/ http://storybird.com/books/when-i-grow-up-367/

Now create an account and make your own Storybird. Join as a student and use the code Z5DAA

Your Storybird should be: at least 10 pages long (cover and end page count as one page)
Tell an original story with a beginning, middle, and end.
Use good grammar, spelling and punctuation (paste your story in a Google document to run a spell and grammar check).

*Extra credit points for effort and creativity displayed.*


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5 Educational & Interesting Media Collections In the Internet Archive

5 New EdTech Tools for Teachers
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Digital Storytelling: What it is… And… What it is NOT
Digital Storytelling Resources
How False News Can Spread
Using Texts to Boost Literacy
lolcat generator
Here are the **20 Free Stock Photo Resources**.

Stock up,
Jenn from PicMonkey

Photo Editing Tutorial
Follett Resource Center

NoRedInk makes learning grammar fun and easy


A fun way to practice and master grammar & writing skills!

Teachers First OK2 Ask Archives
Take turns writing lines of haiku with friends.
The Wiki Game
Go from one Wikipedia page to another in as few clicks as possible.
The Land of Venn
Defeat evil monsters by drawing geometric shapes.
Learn organic chemistry with this visual pattern puzzle game.

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Game-based Learning Tools
This iscCurated by instructional designer Christi Collins.

Librarian's Network

Wake County AUP

Letter of Recommendation Oxford English Dictionary
Letter of Recommendation - Alternative Search Engines

Tip Sheet: What is Instagram? - 6 views


The Do's and Don'ts of Slide Design for Students - 4 views


The Open Library - Borrow and Read Thousands of Ebooks

80 Unique (and Free) Resources for Teachers - 3 views



Can Wikipedia Survive? [The New York Times]

Save Money on Amazon
10 Killer Apps
Make Money with Phone
Google Feud
Timeline of high school
April Is Poetry Month
Survey: Why Are Librarians Vital to #edtech?
Free eBooks

Make Your Own Makerspace - Ideas & Inspiration from Demco - 46 views


How to Search Twitter for Educational Content - 61 views

Fun Site
  • __The Library Concept__ H.K. Hotels Library Hotel - This is a commercial web site for a motel located near the New York City Public Library. The floors of the motel are themed by Dewey Number. For example, the third floor is called “Social Sciences”. Books and art pertaining to this subject are located in the rooms on this floor. This quote from the web site is long, but just too good too miss! “Fashioned from a landmark 1900 brick and terra cotta structure this building has been beautifully restored into a mansion-style hotel of the highest caliber. The Library Hotel is set at the corner of Madison Avenue and 41st. Street near the New York City Public Library and the Pierpont Morgan Library. Mahogany paneling, 60 impeccably appointed themed guest rooms, exquisite art work and wood paneled elevators designed to resemble a cozy gentleman's library and the ambiance of a private club, are just a few of the amenities guests will enjoy here. The Library is a showcase of tasteful design and functionality. Each of the ten guestroom floors is dedicated to one of the ten major categories of the Dewey Decimal System.*” *Dewey (R), DDC (R) and Dewey Decimal Classification (R) are proprietary trademarks of OCLC Online Computer Library Center, Inc. and are used with permission. Taken from the web site: www.libraryhotel.com

//Lesson Plans// - Library Media/Information Literacy (7-12)

__TED How Languages Change__

Censorship: Books
Communications: The Printing Press, Computers, the Internet, and their Impacts on Society
30 Things to Tell Students You'll Never See Again

Getting To Know Students? Ask The Right Questions *!

Coursera - Digital Storytelling starts Sept. 8
Thinglink fyi

[[#x--Dipsticks: Efficient Ways to Check for Understanding | Edutopia - 7 views]] Dipsticks: Efficient Ways to Check for Understanding | Edutopia - 7 views

Newseum's Digital Classroom Offers Good Resources for U.S. History Teachers - First Amendment, Civil Rights, Women's Suffrage
Paper Town Academy
Explore Current Events
Explore the News Through Maps

Now Your Students Can Join Your Wikispaces Wikis Through Class Codes



The Science of Attention (And Why eLearning Professionals Should Care) - 1 views


[[#x-Now Your Students Can Join Your Wikispaces Wikis Through Class Codes-21st Century Fluencies | Global Digital Citizen Foundation]] 21st Century Fluencies | Global Digital Citizen Foundation


History of Movies

History of Sanskrit


Using Newsela

5 Technology Skills You Should Actively Encourage Children To Take Up - 0 views


Why Book Trailers Are Great Alternatives to Traditional Book Reports

Book Display - Fault


Temp Tattoos

The Lion King Turns 20: Every Crazy, Weird Fact About the Disney Classic

[[#Why Book Trailers Are Great Alternatives to Traditional Book Reports--What Does the Next-Generation School Library Look Like? | MindShift - 1 views]] What Does the Next-Generation School Library Look Like? | MindShift - 1 views


Zaption - Video Based Quizzes and More

Generation Like
Merchants of Cool
**Augmented Reality Simply Explained for Students**



Identity Theft

Reflection on 21 Things That Will Be Obsolete by 2020 - An Estuary - Linkis.com


Digital Learning Day

Lisa Nielsen: The Innovative Educator: Discover what your digital footprint says about you - 0 views

theinnovativeeducator.blogspot.com.au/...at-your-digital-footprint.html footprint Digital Citizenship educator Digital Footprint

[[#Why Book Trailers Are Great Alternatives to Traditional Book Reports-Identity Theft-The Digital Lives of Teens: The School is the Neighborhood | Edutopia - 0 views]] The Digital Lives of Teens: The School is the Neighborhood | Edutopia - 0 views


[[#Why Book Trailers Are Great Alternatives to Traditional Book Reports-Identity Theft-Understanding your digital footprint - new opportunities! | - 0 views]] Understanding your digital footprint - new opportunities! | - 0 views


The Student's Guide To Using Fonts In Education - Edudemic


Futility Closet - An entertaining collection of educational related curiosities


book covers

Digital Citizenship lessons

GoAnimate Film Festival.
Film classes for Mrs. Webster, as assigned.

Unit on Banned Books

Book Banning

Read the links provided with the questions. Put your answers in the form below.

1. What is the underlying principle of the First Amendment?

2.Why are books challenged?

3. List the reasons why books are removed from shelves. Why should they NOT be removed?

4. What is a collection policy and why should a library have one?

5. List 3 definitions of censorship.


Read the article in the link below, and answer the questions about banned and challenged books.




Look at the posters on this link, then creat one to decorate your wiki page. Use Wordle, Glogster, Paint, or an Office product to make your poster.

Here's the link to our site on Go!Animate . Get your script approved and complete your cartoon by Friday.

Look at the Go!Animate videos to get ideas for a video for our Media Center.
1. Make your avatar. (See Mrs. Shinn to log in to the site.)
2. Select at least one other assistant to work with (it does not have to be a person in your class).
3. Brainstorm ideas for an animation to promote our library media center or some feature of our Media Center like the Destiny catalog or one of our databases.
4. Get your idea approved by Mrs. Shinn.
5. Write a script and get it approved.
6. Create a video that is at least 2 minutes long. Due Friday.

Assignments to follow:

Media Assistants
Passkey is media

Digital Storytelling
Passkey is digital

Week of May 23

Complete GoAnimate (use cshinn login and password):
1. Create character/avatar
2. Write your proposal in Reflections
3. Create a storyboard (templates available)
4. Get approval and begin your cartoon. 2 minute minimum. Finished product due Wed.

videos on using handheld cameras

Week of May 16

Friday -create avatar in GoAnimate , then submit a proposal for cartoon TODAY. Pick a topic that relates to the library, school or technology. Get it approved. Write your script/storyboard.

Don't forget your daily work.

Progress Reports
Upload ABC Book to wiki (Check to be sure you have followed instructions for citing sources)
Begin Digital Storytelling Unit. Look at tutorials in GoAnimate .
Site Address -

Then watch the videos here to get ideas for your cartoon. See Mrs. Shinn to get script approval. 2 minute cartoon.

Just for fun: one man Disney movie

Week of May 9

Finish off your alphabet book. 3rd pd. will work on Animoto with dance pictures. Then we will begin a unit about
Digital Storytelling

Be sure to check your shelves FOR A GRADE!

Tech Support Care Package

Hidden Web Tools

Week of May 2

5/4 & 5/5 Make an alphabet book on the topic of your choice, using Prezi or PowerPoint. Make use of Word Art and Spell with Flickr.
  • Each letter of the alphabet should have its own page/slide (if you use PowerPoint- save to folder Shinn media assistants by class period)
  • Letter and its connection
  • 3-7 sentences in Normal text that clearly and fully explains the connections; occasional bulleted/numbered is acceptable
  1. Internal Citations (AKA Parenthetical Citations) in MLA format
  2. at least 15 of the 26 letter pages should contain a correlating image with image credit at the bottom
  3. at least 2 of the 26 letter pages should contain a link to a website to futher explain a topic/term/idea

  • " Works Cited " page should have all the sources used in this project listed in alphabetical order in MLA format; an uploaded Works Cited document is encouraged

5/3 Read the slides below ( Is Social Media Ruining Students?) Comment in Reflections .


5/2 Read the article Using Wikis in Higher Education and answer the following questions:


Is Social Media Ruining Students?

Is Social Media Ruining Students?
Is Social Media Ruining Students?

Via: OnlineEducation.net

Comic Master

Week of April 18 - Check your assigned shelves daily!

Books in Dewey order. Standing up straight. Pulled to the front of the shelf. No strays. Reference books on the bottom shelves.
The Peeps Visit the Library - Just for Fun

Go to 1. Copyright and Fair Use . Read and follow instructions.
Put your work for What Now??? on your main page ( Photograph, Song/Music, Text).

Then go through the tutorials for Copyright Bay.
Watch Copyright on YouTube .

Week of April 11 - Check 2. Daily Work for Shelf Assignments!

Shelves will be graded Friday, April 15.

Spell with Flickr (Check This Out) and put it on your Reflections page. Read How to Steal Like an Artist . Make notes and comments on your Reflections page. Kleon made a list of 10 things nobody told him. Write them down in Relfections and comment on two per day. See examples on E. Mrs. Shinn .

letter C
letter C
Boggle black letter C
Boggle black letter C
counterfeit Lego letter K
counterfeit Lego letter K

letter t
letter t
letter H
letter H
letter i
letter i

letter O
letter O
letter U
letter U
letter T
letter T

Spell with Flickr

Week of April 4

Test these and write about them in Reflections:

Anatomy Arcade

Online Stopwatch

Go to Cool Text and create a visual to put at the top of your page. Write about it in Reflections. How else could you use this product?
cool text
Turn in your script. Put your book talk on your page.
See Mrs. Shinn to get assigned area for shelving, shelf reading.

Week of March 28 - Progress Reports update digital booktalk stuff

Book displays with bookmarks and synopses should be complete.

Write script for digitial booktalk. Submit script for approval. Then film yourself or get a classmate to film you delivering the book talk.

Required Elements:
  • Author, title
  • Setting
  • Main characters
  • Climax
  • Theme
  • Why other students may or may not like this book.
You may like to see: How to Make a Book Talk for School
How to Write a Good Book Talk
How to Make a Book Talk
Book Talks Quick and Simple

Week of March 21

Continue with your book talks 3 ways.

Finish your bookmarks and put up your genre display.

Write the script for your digital booktalk. Save in pdf and attach to your page.

Week of March 14 - Open House Monday

Book Review and Book Display- all work due by March 25

Watch this: How to Make a Book Trailer Printable instructions for book trailer Squidoo Book Trailers
Stories from the Cloud Book talk an elementary school book

1) Create a review of one book in 3 different formats. Get your book choice approved. Examples can be found at: teacher librarian ning .
a) Look under the Book Tab in the AHS Library Media Center LiveBinder on the main library page for more Book Talks and reviews.
b) Formats may include: Word, Publisher, PowerPoint, Prezi or Glogster. If you copy pictures or information,
your sites must be appropriately cited. Failure to do so will result in a failing grade.
c) Once created, put your reviews on your main page in the wiki.

2) Create bookmarks and a book display for 3 books in one genre.
a) After approval , print them and cut them. Use them to create a book display of one of the following genres: historical fiction, biography, mystery, graphic novel, poetry or teen fiction.
b) Include a synopsis of the 3 books in your display

a. Be sure to include an eye-catching genre heading and some realia in your display.
b. Post a picture of your display on your main page.

Coming up next:

video yourself talking about a book. Create a storyboard or write a script for your talk BEFORE you film.

Week of March 7 Bookr

Monday - Teacher Workday
Tuesday - Catch Up! Get Ahead
Wednesday - World Read Aloud Day Read the article from the previous link and write about it on your Reflections page.
Go to the special collections (office) and select a book to read aloud to your classmates. Read it to us. Take a picture and post it to your page. Go to the Moodle and answer the questions in the Journal.
Thursday, Friday, we will begin work on book trailers. More to come.
Friday - get up to date on Reflections. Go to the AHS LiveBinder. Look under the Book tab and find the book trailers. Watch them and begin to plan the books you want to make trailers for. 3 books, 3 different kinds of trailers.
Watch this: How to Make a Book Trailer

Week of February 28 ALL WORK DUE FRIDAY, MARCH 4. The Filter Bubble see TED Talk, too!

From this link Social Bookmarks , scroll down and read about Social Bookmarking Tools . Skip the video.
Write your own definition of Social Bookmarks on your Reflections page.
Then continue in the site and read The Top Sites for Social Bookmarking Tools.
Go to each of the six sites listed and take a look. Write your own description for each one of the six listed and put that in Reflections .

Then look at this site:
Top 10 Sites for Bookmarking and Annotating
and compare it to the one above. Write a description for the ones that were not on the first list. Put it on your Reflections page.

Watch this Prezi: Social Bookmarking for Educators
Answer these questions:

Stumble Upon update
Stumble Upon and You (created by Blake 1st Period)
1. Make a account for stumbleupon @ http://www.stumbleupon.com
2. Choose a subject that you are currently interested in.
3. Start stumbling!
4. If you find something incredible you may email the article or picture to yourself or someone else. Email something cool to cshinn@asheboro.k12.nc.us
5. After Stumbling for a while write in the wiki what you thought of the website and social bookmarking in general.
6. What uses do you think Stumbleupon could have?
7. Did you find anything exceptionally interesting? What? If no, why not?
8. Would you suggest this website to others? Why?

Go to the Media Center LiveBinder (from the school webpage, go to the Media Center main page and open the "binder")

and find the tab for Study Skills .
Examine some of the sites and write about three that you like. Tell why you like them.
Would you recommend to a friend? How would you use them in your personal life? Put your answers in Reflections.
Open your own LiveBinder account. Create a binder and share it with me (see email address above.)

Week of February 21

Complete Assignments 1 and 2 by Thursday. If you finish, work on Assignment 3.

1) Demonstrate competence with Destiny and Library Search . (See Mrs. Shinn or Mrs. Gerringer).
a) Check books in. Assist with check-out. Learn to use Copy Status.
b) Demonstrate a search for books by title, author, subject and keyword and power search tab.
c) Get a library log-in. Place a hold on the book Zombies vs. Unicorns.
d) Under Destiny Quest , study the top 10 books and list them with today’s date.
e) Drag and drop 5 books that you would like to read into your list then show me the list.
i) Preview print and preview MLA citations for those books.
f) Post a copy of your work in the media wiki under your name.

Read this , then watch this video and write about it for your Reflections page.
Bogus web pages
Googledocs Truth from Fiction
Website Evaluation
Bogus Internet - link added 3/15

2) Choose a popular web site to evaluate and have it approved. Using the beginning sentence of "This web site is/is not a valid web site
a) Who is the author of the page or site? Is the author qualified to write about the topic?
b) Is there a link to information about the author or the sponsor?
c) Is the site affiliated with any institution, company, or organization? If so, does this affiliation add bias to the information?
Or, does it suggest that the source is credible?
d) When was the site created or last modified?
e) Is the design of the site effective? Do graphics interfere with the site’s readability? Do links to other sites work?
Is it easy to navigate the site?
f) Who is the intended audience?
g) Would you recommend this web site and why?
h) Post your recommendation on the media wiki.

3) Locate pertinent information on NCWISEOWL . (From ncwiseowl, click on High School Zone. The first choice is
Student Research . Click there, and you are in EBSCO. Use your standard password.)
a) Explore EBSCO (Student Research) on NCWISEOWL and create your own EBSCO folder.
b) Choose a subject and locate primary and secondary sources
c) Write a paragraph in the media wiki explaining your subject search and listing both primary and secondary sources
that you located. Include a definition of the two terms.
Week of February 14.
This week, do the work under #5. Destiny and Media Terms. Let me know if you need help with Glogster. Put your finished Glogster on your work page.

Do your Dewey work BEFORE the assignment below:

Check out links on this site and make recommendations for 5 sites that you think high schoolers could use.
Explain why .
Put your recommendations on your Reflections page. Create links for each one in your Reflections.

Week of February 7.

Week of January 31
Laptop rollout

Week of January 24.

Media Center Orientation.
Dewey Decimal Work.